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Welcome to our website.   Please take a look around and you will quickly discern that Harbor Point Yacht Club is unique in many ways.   From a rich heritage of days past, to the unique dockominium style of ownership, this private marina offers the finest amenities that fosters the best boating and sailing experience on the Mississippi.
Harbor Point is positioned at river mile marker 204.5 on the Missouri bank and cradled by natural surroundings promoting beauty with wooded boundaries, mature trees, and scenic open areas.   This spacious marina setting boasts 145 covered slips and 77 uncovered suited for sailboats.  

Club amenities include a multi-level clubhouse with year around shower facilities, large rental space(s) with full kitchen, bar area and soaring fireplace.   A heated swimming pool, separate lift house and kitchen for smaller gatherings with picturesque sunsets.   Pride of ownership and attention to detail in maintenance, social events, and manicured grounds makes Harbor Point Yacht Club an easy first choice.  Scroll down to see a mini photo tour


Memebers can contact Gary for rental of the clubhouse or lifthouse. These are great facilities to host birthday parties, wedding showers, family events.


Board of Directors 2014

Scott Shipman
Royce LaMarr
Paul Gilmore
Bob Knop
George Nicholson
Keith Wagner
Dan Lucasey

New photo of the board coming soon.

Currently the HPYC board is kicking ideas around regarding social events for this year.

One of our ideas centers around informal 'Happy Hours'. These ad-hoc events will be 'hosted' by volunteers that choose to take on the task for the enjoyment of any and all members that want to gather for a good time.

Some other ideas that have been successful in previous years are:

1) Anchor/Raft Party
2) Fish Fry
3) Chili Cook Off
4) Dockside Party
5) Progressive Dock Party
6) Taco Night
7) Pool Eats Party
8) Lava Party

All of these events will be managed/staffed on a volunteer basis which is another way of saying, "get a couple friends together and claim an event as yours!". Let Gary or a board member know that you will be running the event and we will help you get the event lined up.

Ideas and feedback from all members are welcome. Please share your ideas with a board member!

More to come. In the mean time, events posted by members are listed here.


Winter is starting to move into the St. Louis area once again, along with winter comes snow, ice, rain and frigid temperatures. Not something to look forward to if you are a boater.  Winter also brings problems when it comes to boats, such as; winterizing, heating your vessel, water aerators and mooring your boat.  Make sure to check on your boat from time to time during the winter months, there are an array of problems that can occur due to improper winterization, lines not being secured to the boat individuals relying on heat. There are on average 2 boats a year in our marina that have some issue with winterization and that try to sink.  Do not become a statistic. A simple weekly check on the inside of the boat could save it from the unthinkable.  When mooring the boat to the slip make sure your lines are taught and properly tied, wind is a big issue there are many boats that break loose due to improper knots or old brittle lines.  Relying on heat is never a good alternative due to power outages and the risk of fire.  I am always available for any questions pertaining to this subject matter feel free to give me a call or stop by the marina office.

The clubhouse at the marina will once again be decorated for the holidays, come enjoy the winters majesty on the river and if you are so inclined to the clubhouse, and the lift house has many dates available for rentals, call or stop by for details.  There are lots of HPYC memorabilia for sale in the office, great gift ideas.

All of the docks in the marina are winterized at this time, when using the frost free water hydrants at the head of each dock, make sure to drain and disconnect the hose from the hydrant to keep from freezing, never use hydrant below freezing temperatures. The concrete on the covered docks will be pulled up from the fingers and placed on the middle thoroughfare of the dock be cautious when walking down the dock.  Hope to see everyone soon.

Questions or comments feel free to give me a call 636-899-1513.  Gary Kuncar - HPYC Harbor Master

Harbor Cleanup Day

Saturday, May 17th 2014

 Please come out on Saturday, May 17th, to join fellow members to work together in 'sprucing' up our harbor for another great boating season.
See your there!!






Latest Club Info

The site move took a bit over 4 hours and was completed at 9:10pm on April 10.   Thanks for your patience during the move.   This notice will be taken down in a day or two.

Board members for 2014

Scott Shipman
Royce LaMarr
Paul Gilmore
Bob Knop
George Nicholson
Keith Wagner
Dan Lucasey


Feedback is always appreciated. If you discover an item that needs attention please contact a board member or Gary.



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